Hansol Learning Center, Talchhikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

Korean Language for EPS-TOPIK

Class-Time : 6:00am - 5:00pm

Course Price : Rs. 28000

Status : In Progress

Course Organized By : Hansol Nepal

Course Status: In Progress Course Price: Rs. 28000

Korean Language for EPS-TOPIK

The Korean language course at Hansol Learning Center focus on EPS(Employee Permit System). It is running by a Korean native speaker who is education Doctor and have been teaching about EPS-TOPIK and writing books of EPS-TOPIK for 15 years. There are many Korean language teachers who have experienced in Korea for many years and can cover various aspects of the language, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation. Until now, a lot of students passed EPS-TOPIK and have been working in the various cities and villages in Korea.

We have Basic Classes, Advance Classes and Special Classes and are caring the students until the date of exam, EPS-TOPIK. We also provide skill test classes, like interview by Korean Native Speakers, Physical test, Assemble, Measures, Join, Agriculture and Livestock.

Available Courses

SNCourseFacillities (For payment in one time)Price
1Advance Class (Basic Korean + Text Book) 

1. Basic Korean, Text Book free 

2. 5 PBT Exams, 1 UBT free + Exam in every five chapters


Rs.16000 (for One time Payment)

2Package Class ( Basic + Text Book + Question Bank + Model Question:PBT/UBT)

1. Books(Basic Korean, Text Book, Question Bank) free

2. 10 PBT Exams, 10 UBT free 

3. Guide upto EPS-TOPIK Exam


Rs.25000 (for One time Payment)

3Skill Test Class (Interview + Practice with Materials)
( EPS - TOPIK Passors Only )

1. Teaching how to prepare recording your introduction

2. How to give answer in Interview

3. Practice various materials 


Rs.11000 (for One time Payment)

Available Books


Basic Korean

Rs.500  Rs.450

2New Test BookRs.925  Rs.800
3Old Text BookRs.500 
4Question Bank 2023Rs.1300  Rs.1100
5Question Bank 2019Rs.1100  Rs.950
6Korean-English-Nepali DictionaryRs.700