Hansol Learning Center, Talchhikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

About Us

Our History

2005 Hansol Learning Center Pvt. Ltd. started as the name of Kathmandu Learning Center at International Club in Sanepa, Lalitpur. 
2006 Kathmandu Learning Center moved to Kumaripati, Lalitpur and started Nepali Language Class for Korean.
2006 KLC Education Foundation started for educational Consultancy. 
2007 Started Korean Language class for EPS-TOPIK.
          Textbook and Workbook published for KLC students.
2010 Surachana English School started to run in Thaiba. 
2013 Hansol Education Foundation organized for running two schools, Surachana English School and Hansol International Academy.
          Hansol International Academy started Pre-Primary Level in Dhobigot. 
          Old Text Book published 2,000 copies.
          Kathmandu Learning Center changed the name to Hansol Learning Center.
2014 Hansol Publication Pvt. Ltd. started for publishing books for EPS-TOPIK.
          Question Bank First edition published 5,000 copies.
          Model Question First edition published 2,000 copies.
2015 Basic Korean First edition published 2,000 copies
2016 Basic Korean Second edition published 2,000 copies.
          Question Bank Second edition Published 3,000 copies.
2017 Question Bank Third edition Published 5,000 copies.
2018 Website openned for advertisment.
          Basic Korean Third edition published 3,000 copies.
          Question Bank Fourth edition published 5,000 copies.
          Question Bank Fifth edition Published 10,000 copies.
          New Text Book published 3,000 copies.
2019 Question Bank Sixth edition Published 10,000 copies.
          Hansol International Academy  registered as Hansol Education Guthi(Niji Saichhik Guthi).
2020 HANSOL moved to Malaxmisthan, Talchikhel.
          Closed for two years because of COVID-19.
2022 UBT EPS-TOPIK started to provide by on-line.
          Question Bank Sixth edition Published 4,000 copies again. 
2023 New website openned for commercial. 
          Revised Question Bank 2023 published 2,000 copies.